Hey guys, I'm admin

- 2 years ago

I'm admin,
I created this platform with the goal of encouraging indie filmmakers.
I plan to keep the place curated and clean and I want to only feature films that are really high quality - which means most films will probably not make it. :/
Sorry about it, but it's the only way we can get end users to watch the films. If the quality is set low then no one will waste his time surfing through 50 bad films to find one decent to watch.
That being said you can always promote your stuff on the forum and get feedback by posting in the right category.
We are really early at the moment but we're adding new stuff as we go.
Thanks and welcome!


video editor - 2 years ago

wow the website looks nice. i hope it grows really big


- 2 years ago

yup, looks good!
@admin where can we suggest new features?

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