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About IndieFilm.TV and our goals

I'm Andrei and I'm the founder of IndieFilm.TV 
In September 2020 I decided to start IndieFilm. I did it because I've been personally looking for a long time for a community of indie filmmakers to connect and share my work with, but I wasn't really able to find anything that wasn't either full of spam, dead or both. My only goal for this platform is to help independent filmmakers get noticed, learn, share experiences and even find work and awesome projects to become a part of. 
It's way too early to say how exactly the platform will look, I've been designing it and redesigning it and getting feedback from a lot of great people in the industry. Most likely there will be a continual improvement and lots of updates. But my goal starting this is to have a high quality platform, with high quality people that share high quality content

I will continue to post here on the blog development updates, notes and I will try to be really transparent with everything I do. So if you're looking to be part of something big, keep an eye on the blog and I would love to get feedback and suggestions from you. Also if you know people that could potentially be interested in joining the club you can go ahead and share a link with them - I definitely don't mind :)

At the moment here's a short list with what I'm working on at the moment and I hope to have a working Alpha version within the next months, ready to be tested: 

- a job board
- a film sharing board
- a community forum
- a profile page (similar to an IMDB profile page)
- a film review section

My goal is to start really small and expand gradually. Hopefully I have something ready to go live soon enough. 
So stay tuned until next time. 

PS: If you want to get an idea of how thigs should look like, here's a mockup I've been working on:
Adobe XD Link here

Also, we're a small group of people in discord talking about the project. If you use it here's an invitation link.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time!